This area has a rich and captivating history.  8kms away is the Gulf of Baratti with its archeological site. The Etruscan town of Populonia once stood here. It was famous for its production of hematite, a substance brought from the nearby Isle of Elba and used to make iron bullion bars. On the site there are the ruins of a necropolis and of calcarenite mines.

Close to the L’Insolita, a pleasurable 10 minute walk along a country lane is Calidario, a hot spring lake with 36c water. There is also a spa which has a multitude of treatments and massages available.   4kms away is the medieval town of Campiglia Marittima with its unforgettable panorama.

On the road which descends towards  the sea is the Parco Minerario of San Silvestro. A little further north is the town of San Vincenzo, a popular holiday destination with its harbour and many summer activities.

The Statale 398 road from Venturina will take you, after 14kms, to Piombino which lies on a cape of the Tuscan coast. Important for its steelworks and as an Etruscan homeland, ferries departing from its harbour connect the Isle of Elba to the mainland.